PeacePlayers 20th Anniversary 2001

Celebrating 20 Years of Bridging Divides

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Join us as we commemorate the 20th anniversary of peaceplayers!

PeacePlayers International is celebrating 20 years of building a youth led global peace movement for peace and equity. Join us as we take the year to recognize the hard, grassroots work of the people and youth that contributed to growing the organization from the local level to an international movement.

Where We've been

July - September


Children that play together can learn to live together may have seemed like a naive statement 20 years ago, but PeacePlayerssimple premise has connected with countless youth and community leaders around the world. Join us as we celebrate those humble beginnings and explore the question, why sports?

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PeacePlayers’ humble mission of showing children that if they can playtogether, they can learn to live together grew from that exuberant ‘can do’ attitude into a global organization with a focus on local knowledge and community buy-in. Now with five sites across the world, PeacePlayers learning and progress over these 20 years reflects our accountability to each other, and the communities and youth we serve


For 20 years, PeacePlayers has been creating safe spaces in some of the most historically divided communities across the world where young people can do what they do best, have fun and play! In doing so, young people are given a chance to form new friendships and become leaders togetherfor peace.

Where We Are Today

October - December


From an 8-year Randomized Control Trial to a Youth-Led evaluation, PeacePlayers 20 year history has always been about learning, improving and sharing. This month, we are sharing why we are an industry leader in impact with you!

Where We Are GOING

Coming soon!

January - June

We will be making special announcements on where PeacePlayers is going in the next 3 years through game-changing initiatives.

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