For the last 20 years, the young leaders of PeacePlayers have been using sport to create ripple effects of change in their communities, disrupting historical patterns of inequality, conflict and violence. They are ready to take their advocacy to the next level, and affect change at systemic and global levels. It is a long game, and only with a movement of people like you supporting our youth, is it possible.

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The critical element is your donation. We operate within nine local communities around the globe; we see first hand the impact of community collaboration and this is why we would live to invite you to become a PeacePlayers SLAMbassador. Your monthly gift may enable our grass-roots front end delivery of these programs:

PeacePlayers South Africa’s
City-Wide Tournaments

where public (predominantly black, coloured & Indian) AND private (predominately white) schools from across KwaZulu-Natal Province come together to promote gender equity, and play basketball, bridging a racial and socioeconomic divide.

Belfast Interface Games
PeacePlayers Northern Ireland’s
Interface Games

where Catholic and Protestant youth who have historically been divided by the infamous “Peace Walls,” will have the chance to learn and play Northern Ireland’s traditional, yet politically divided, sports like Gaelic football, rugby, and soccer together.

Middle East All Stars
PeacePlayers Middle East’s
All-Star Basketball Team

the ONLY basketball team in Israel where Israeli and Palestinian girls are able to play together AND learn to see each other as people, dispelling hatred and fear between the historically divided groups.

PeacePlayers Cyprus’

Island Basketball League, the ONLY intercommunal league on the divided island of Cyprus, bringing Turkish Cypriots from the north and Greek Cypriots from the southern part of Cyprus, together for basketball and team-building.

PeacePlayers United States’

young people in Brownsville with a safe space to play basketball and prepare for their future careers, like the winner of the 2020 Billie Jean King Youth Leadership Award (ESPYs), Javonn Islar.

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Thank you to all of our SLAMbassadors!

Mila Bakaleinik (Middle East)

Anntoinette Conlon (Northern Ireland)

Clare Creighton (Northern Ireland)

Diana Evans Henry (Brooklyn)

PJ Evangelista (United States)

Leif Frymire

Gareth Harper (Northern Ireland)

Alan Jacobson

Pierre Johannessen

Jeffrey Lasday 

Andrew Lustbader

John Roche

Clare Sandstrom (Northern Ireland)

Kathleen Sengstock

Simon Turner

Kara Verlaney

Anonymous (Northern Ireland)

Anonymous (Northern Ireland)

Anonymous (Northern Ireland)

Anonymous (Northern Ireland)

Anonymous (Northern Ireland)

Anonymous (Northern Ireland)

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Anonymous (Northern Ireland)

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