PeacePlayers Los Angeles is Awarded Grant from LA84 Foundation

March 10, 2022



PeacePlayers Los Angeles is proud to announce it is the recipient of a coveted grant from the LA84 Foundation that will help continue its groundbreaking work empowering youth by promoting diversity, inclusion and equality. 


The grant will be instrumental in allowing PeacePlayers LA to provide vital programming for at-risk youth in south LA and the Watts neighborhood. While navigating the many challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, PeacePlayers LA has safely “returned to play” and provided hundreds of hours of virtual and in-person programming in 2021 for youth, including the Girls Empowerment Summit. The support of the LA84 Foundation will be instrumental in helping PeacePlayers LA continue to provide high impact programming during these difficult times. 


In 2022, funding from this grant will be dedicated to: supporting PeaceLeague 

PeacePlayers LA

programming in Los Angeles that services youth ages 8-13, hiring and training youth program coaches, and providing the facilities and equipment necessary to carry out programming. 


PeacePlayers United States Executive Director Adam Johnson highlighted the new partnership, saying that

“PeacePlayers’ work across the United States is only possible because of committed partners like the LA84 Foundation. This grant will enable our team to continue making an impact in the South LA and Watts communities, where our Players are eager to use their skills and voices to bring equity and justice to their communities.”

Adam Johnson, Executive Director of PeacePlayers United States Tweet

PeacePlayers Los Angeles Director Evan Unrau elaborated on the unique alignment between PeacePlayers and LA84 saying, 

“The LA84 Foundation’s commitment to closing the Play Equity gap for youth in Los Angeles is in direct alignment with the core values of PeacePlayers. We are thrilled to be working collaboratively to provide equitable opportunities to our youth, providing them access to transformational coaches and programming to help develop the next generation of youth leaders and community advocates.”

Evan Unrau, Director of PeacePlayers Los Angeles Tweet

About PeacePlayers Los Angeles

PeacePlayers LA is one of PeacePlayers United States’ five thriving community-based locations that serve hundreds of youths from coast to coast. PeacePlayers U.S. launched in 2017 as part of a global movement that uses the game of basketball to build peace and equity in divided communities around the world. 

The PeacePlayers mission aligns with that of The LA84 Foundation, which has worked for decades to level the playing field and ensure all youth have access and opportunity, regardless of income, gender or ability, while elevating youth sports as integral to lifelong well-being. 

About LA84 Foundation

The LA84 Foundation is a nationally recognized leader in support of youth sport and public education about the role of sports in positive youth development. For more than 35 years, the LA84 Foundation has supported thousands of youth sports organizations in Southern California through grant making, 

funding facilities and fields of play, while also training coaches, commissioning research, convening conferences and serving as a national thought leader on issues in youth sports.

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