How PeacePlayers Set the foundation for Darryl Petticrew's Professional Career

Catching up with former PeacePlayers Northern Ireland Staff Member, Darryl Petticrew

November 10, 2021



In celebration of PeacePlayers’ 20th Anniversary, we have had the pleasure of catching up with several “former” PeacePlayers. We have learned where their lives have taken them since their time with PeacePlayers, and how they’ve taken PeacePlayers into their careers, professional lives, interests and hobbies as they’ve moved through the world. 

Q: Where do you currently live? And how long were you involved with PeacePlayers Northern Ireland?

I currently live in Belfast, Northern Ireland and I worked with PeacePlayers Northern Ireland for seven years.

Q: What’s been going on in your life since PeacePlayers?

I have had three different jobs, working with a professional sports team, working with Government of social regeneration programmers and now working with a Big Four Firm. I also now sit on the Board of Sport Northern Ireland as well as support a number of social enterprises / charities and our regional basketball governing body in NI at Board level. I got married in New York to my childhood sweetheart. We've had two children, Charlotte (10) and Parker (almost 2).

Q: What is your current profession? Any hobbies?

I work in management consultancy for a Big Four Firm, specializing in the delivery of global transformation programs. My hobbies are all sports related, between playing basketball and soccer to being a huge boxing fan. I also love cooking for my family and watching the latest animated movie with my kids!

Q: How have you brought PeacePlayers into your current profession and professional life?

Darryl Joseph Petticrew PeacePlayers Northern Ireland

PeacePlayers has set the foundation for everything I have done professionally. My style and approach to working with people has all come from skills I gained while working with PeacePlayers Northern Ireland on facilitation, conflict resolution, getting out of the box and building positive relationships!

Q: Do you have an example of when you’ve used the tools/skills PeacePlayers equipped you with to address personal/professional conflict or inequity?

Everyday - a large part of my job is facilitating discussions to solve difficult problems and generate solutions. These are the same skills I refined while working with PeacePlayers Northern Ireland.

Q: What’s your favorite PeacePlayers story?

My very first interaction with PeacePlayers Northern Ireland, meeting Kelly Lyons and Sean Tuohey where I grew up and then working on the very first twinning between Holy Cross Girls and Wheatfield Primary Schools - I didn't realize at the time, the history that I would be a part of.

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