Alice’s POV: BIG Camps

Today’s post is brought to you by, Alice! She was on work placement with PeacePlayers from 22nd July to 26th July.

August 9, 2019



Hi my name is Alice, I am 17 years old and I am currently studying in St Louis Grammar School Kilkeel.  This week I am working with PeacePlayers – Northern Ireland for my work experience and my time will be spent with the North Belfast Belfast Interface Games (BIG) camp.

Day one: Starting off, I was lucky to have such a warm day, which made my first day with the activities, fun and enjoyable.  Today I helped take a group of young people around many activities such as Gaelic, Rugby, Soccer and some Icebreaker challenges.  The day consisted of rotations allowing the children to experience different sports and activities throughout the day, lead by experienced coaches at each station, which was a good way for them to learn about different cultures and build new friendships.  This was evident as the day went on I was able to see that, very quickly, everyone became friends and was able to relate to one another easily.

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Day two: Once again it was such a scorching hot day and with this, we brought plenty of ice-lollies to keep us cool!  This day was much like yesterday where we rotated around the different activities, except this time we experienced different drills within each sport and also got to know each other more.  Although a couple of the younger children got tired because of the sun, the day turned out well – as expected.



Day three: Today was an early start but worth it!  I spent the first part of the morning setting up for games and tournaments for all of the camps to come together.  When the different sides of Belfast started to arrive, it was so cool to see all the kids wearing their different coloured tops for each region of the city.  The whole day was so upbeat and everywhere I went there was chanting, dancing and just so much energy.  At first, I had to mark each camp on their sportsmanship as this was the main objective for the event.  I then had to fill in and help coach Gaelic for the last hour which I enjoyed.  Even though I was wrecked after this day, it was still one of my favourite days!

I’m glad I decided to come to PP-NI for my work experience as I have had such a good experience and I feel I have gained valuable skills that will definitely help me with my future career!

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